Hollywood Stunts


World Records

Bungee America performs more bungee jumping stunts for movies and television than any other company in the world. Having performed over 100 bungee stunts and 6 world records which include:

  1. The longest bungee anywhere in the world, period! This was a 6000 foot dive from a helicopter for the season finale of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
  2. The longest bungee jump from a hot air balloon. A 2600 foot drop for MTV’s Senseless Act of Video. photo of bungee jumper from below working with Hollywood Stunt coordinator
  3. The only bungee jump of a car. Bungee America has performed car bungee jumps on 6 different occasions including an amazing feat with two persons inside while dipping the bumper of the car in a lake. This was the season opener of MTV’s Road Rules.
  4. The only bungee jumper to dive head first from 225 feet above the ground and grab an object off the ground. Performed for television’s, That’s Incredible.
  5. The first bungee jumper to drop to earth feet first on a bungee cord and have their feet land securely on the ground; then instantaneously disconnect from the bungee cord and walk away. Performed several times for both television’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not and That’s Incredible.
  6. Most recently, Bungee America set the record for the longest donut dunk from nearly 200 feet for the TV show Guinness World Records Unleashed!

photo of Stunt Crew conducting car bungee stuntphoto of red car suspended in midair for professional car stunt, hollywood Stunts Unlimitedphoto of stunt crew and red car in car/water/bungee stunt

photo of actor in costume preparing for professional hollywood bungee stunt workWhen Hollywood needs the most experienced bungee stunt coordinator in the world, Ron Jones is the man tinsel town relies upon to keep their superstar celebrities safe while flying through the air on a rubber band. Whether it be reality television with aspiring actors or feature films with legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey, one glance at our Hollywood Stunt Credits will confirm Bungee America’s credibility as the best in the business.

Hollywood Stunt Credits



American Legacy – Non Smoking Ad
Bank One – Financial
Blockbuster – Video Rental
Denato’s – Pizza
Dodge Neon – Automobile
Frisk – Breath Mints
Haribo – Candy
Impress – Food Wrap
Jack in the Box – Restaurant
Jupilier – Belgian Beer
Kashi – Breakfast Cereal
Kellogg’s Fruit & Fiber – Breakfast Cereal
Kodak Funsaver – Camera
Mars Bar – Chocolate Bar
Neuberger & Berman Investments – Financial
Pontiac Vibe – Automobile
Ramada Hotel – Travel
Sony Play Station – Entertainment
Subaru – Automobile
Texas State Lottery – Lotto
Toyota Tacoma – Automobile
Washington Mutual – Financial


Yes Man – Jim Carrey
Along Came Polly – Jennifer Aniston & Ben Stiller
Eraser – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Love Stinks – Tyra Banks
The Big Fall – C. Thomas Howell
20 Dates – Myles Burkowitz

Television Programs

America’s Next Top Model – Television Series
Blue Peter – BBC Television Series
Discovery Health – Celebrity Body Challenge
Dismissed – Television Series
Disney’s Mulan on Ice – Television Special
Extreme Dating – Television Series
Fear Factor – NBC Television
Fire Company 132 – Fox Television
Golden Dreams – Malaysian Television
Invisible Man – Television Series
Martial Law – Television Series
MTV Road Rules – Television Series
MTV Road Rules vs. Real World Challenge – Television Series
MTV Senseless Acts of Video – Television Series
Nickelodeon Kid\s Choice Awards – Television Special
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – Television Series
Slider’s – Television Series
That’s Incredible – Pilot
Top Gear – Pilot
Ugly Betty – Television Series


Suzuki Motorcycle – Print
Dell Computer – Print
Salt & Pepa – Music Video