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Bungee America is located in the San Gabriel Mountains, just 20 miles north of the City of Azusa, CA.

We jump from the historic Bridge to Nowhere that was built in 1936.
In 1938, the road to the bridge was washed away during California’s 4th largest flood leaving behind a beautiful 5 mile hiking trail through the Angeles National Forest.

The Bridge to Nowhere sits on 50 acres of private property surrounded on all sides by the Sheep Mountain Wilderness Area in the Angeles National Forest.


Bungee America operates every Saturday & Sunday all year long. All guests will meet at the Bridge to Nowhere Trailhead / East Fork Parking Lot at a designated meeting time (Typically 6:00am or 7:00am). Occasionally, alternate meeting times may be available but always use your confirmation email for the correct meeting time.

Mid-week adventures require special arrangements.

For details click schedule or contact us directly.


Reservations are made online, using your credit card.

All jumpers and spectators must register online. Spectators will be charged $10.00 each. This allows them to use our water filter, sun canopy, bathrooms and other facilities at the bridge.

What to Expect on your day of Adventure

All guests will meet at the Bridge to Nowhere Trailhead / East Fork Parking Lot at a designated meeting time (Typically 6:00am or 7:00am). Occasionally, alternate meeting times may be available but always use your confirmation email for the correct meeting time.

Meeting time and driving directions are included in your confirmation email that will be sent to you after you have completed your reservation. If you do not receive your email please click here to download your driving directions or contact the office immediately.

Drive into the Canyon

  • From the city of Azusa, it’s a 30-45 minute drive that leads into the beautiful and historic San Gabriel Canyon inside the Angeles National Monument.
  • We will park our vehicles at the East Fork Parking lot also known as the Bridge to Nowhere Trailhead.

Trailhead Check-In

  • Arrive with everything you need packed and ready to go; once we greet the group, there will be no opportunity to leave the group for any reason.
  • Once you arrive, all jumpers and spectators must check-in.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent present to sign the registration form or must make prior arrangements at the time of reservation.
  • Spectators welcome. All spectators MUST be registered online by the group organizer ($10.00 each). This allows them to use the bathrooms, sun canopy, drinking water system, and other facilities at the bridge. No refunds for spectators.


  • This is the beginning of a beautiful 5 mile (2 hour) hike to the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • Have your backpacks ready because after an orientation highlighting the rules of the backcountry you can hike on your own or will follow Bungee America staff as they hike through gorgeous Angeles National Forest to The Bridge to Nowhere.


From the trailhead, we will begin the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere.
The hike is 5 miles over a rocky & rugged trail so plan accordingly.
The trail crosses a creek 6 times or more. The water ranges from 1 to 3 feet deep. You must wear shorts and shoes that can get wet. Everyone will get their shoes and socks wet, because we do not stop to change our shoes at the river crossings.

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Sturdy hiking footwear works best although many of our guests and staff wear sturdy quality running shoes. Do not wear sandals, flip flops, or flimsy footwear because this is a rocky & rugged trail.

Bring a change of socks and shoes or sandals to change into when you arrive at the bridge.

Additional Items:

  • If the weather is hot and dry; bring hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and plenty of cold fluids to drink.
  • If the weather is cold or wet; bring warm clothes, rain gear, beanies, and gloves.
  • It will take approximately 2 hours to reach the bridge. Be prepared to hike at a brisk pace.
  • You will need to bring a full picnic lunch, because you will be hungry. DO NOT BRING alcohol or glass containers.

The thing to remember is this; YOU are 5 miles from your vehicle, if you don’t bring what you need, there is no opportunity to just go to your car and grab it.

Bungee America provides our registered jumpers and spectators drinking water at the bridge so you can refill your water bottles throughout the day and before the hike back to your vehicle.

Bridge to Nowhere

  • You will arrive at the Historic Bridge to Nowhere before lunchtime.
  • There will be time to enjoy your picnic lunch and change into clean dry clothes if desired.
  • Jump School will start shortly after the entire group has arrived at the bridge.

Jump School

You will learn everything you need to know about bungee jumping during a fun 30 minute presentation called *Jump School*, which is taught right on the deck of the bridge.

You will learn how the bungee system keeps you safe, and will be taught all 6 different jump techniques. Spectators are welcome to join us for Jump School.

You will then be ready for an awesome day of bungee jumping!


  • We operate two bungee jumping platforms simultaneously, which means, non stop action.
  • The group will be divided into weight categories and jump accordingly.

After Your Jump

Once you have finished jumping, you are welcome to hang out or hike back to your vehicle at your own pace without your Bungee America staff. Remember this is a full day adventure so do not plan to get back to your vehicle until late afternoon.

If you prefer -

If you are not sure of the trail or are not comfortable hiking back to your vehicle alone, feel free to hang out all day watching guests bungee.

Bring your swim suits. There are plenty of places to go swimming in the river.

River Swimming 2, bungee jump hiking adventure River Swimming on bungee hike adventure in southern california

Now you can hike back to your vehicles with your favorite staff members after everyone has finished jumping. Your staff usually arrives back at their vehicles after 5:00pm.

You may now enjoy a leisurely drive home and the memories of the most wonderful, adrenaline filled day of your life.

For questions and assistance the Office is open Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm.
Bungee Jumping tours are every Saturday & Sunday and Midweek by special arrangement.
Reservations are made at https://reservations.bungeeamerica.com
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