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Welcome to the most adrenaline-filled adventure in Southern California. You are about to become part of a small minority who can say they have jumped off a bridge connected to a giant rubber band! Whether you are here to check-off another bucket-list item, trying to impress your significant other, or proving something to your family members, you can count on Bungee America to deliver an outstanding experience!

Package Descriptions

All packages include our Free Bungee America T-Shirt. ($20.00 value)
All packages are per person and cannot be split between guests.

Single Jump Package $99

Perform 1 bungee jump with a full body harness. Choose either the Superman Front Dive or Backwards Plunge.

Two Jump Package $149 (Our most popular package)

Enjoy both the Superman Front Dive and Backwards Plunge. They are totally different and amazing jumps.

Each Additional Jump $50

A minimum of 3 jumps are required in order to attempt an advanced jump such as Front or Back Flips, Elevator Drop, and Lumberjack.

Buy four jumps and get a fifth jump FREE !

Overnight Campout & Night Jumps Package $275

Bungee Jumping off the Bridge to Nowhere into pitch black darkness, is available any night upon special arrangement. This includes 3 jumps during the day, 2 jumps into the abyss of the night. This adventure includes an overnight campout at the Bridge to Nowhere with your instructors.
Contact Us for details.

  • Advance Notice Required. Contact Us.
  • Minimum 4 Jumpers Required.

Midweek Jump Package $1,000

Midweek jumps require a minimum of $1000 in jumps. Call the office for details. This can be any combination of jumpers and jump packages.

If you do not know how many jumpers you will have in your group or how many jumps each person wants, you can click (Midweek package / $1000) which will guarantee we will open for you and your group. You can then apply the full $1000 to your jumps.

We will calculate your actual charges based upon the packages you used after your group completes all its jumps.

If you owe any balance, you will pay that balance at the bridge. Cash only; credit cards are not accepted at the bridge.

If you do not use the full $1000 there is no refund, therefore please, use it all up.

Group Discounts

Group Discounts Apply Only to Reservations Purchased Directly Through BungeeAmerica.com.
Click Here To Make a Reservation

Group Organizer Discount

Any person with a group of 6 jumpers or more under a single reservation, will receive 1 free jump. This 1 free jump can be claimed by the Group Organizer or given away by the Group Organizer to anyone in their group.

Special Group Pricing

For Groups of 12 or more, please Contact Bungee America at (310) 322-8892 for Special Group Pricing.

Harness Description:

Full Body Harness:
Each jumper wears two independent harnesses. A seat harness supports the waist, thighs and buttocks while a chest harness supports the chest, back and shoulders. The bungee cords are attached to your harness at the stomach.

Jump Descriptions

Our jumps are divided into 2 categories: traditional jumps & advanced jumps. In order to qualify for an advanced jump, you must first demonstrate proper technique and awareness for 2 traditional jumps. This is to ensure your safety and best possible experience.

Beginner Jumps

photo of person doing a superman front dive off of the bridge to nowhere bungee jump locationSuperman Front Dive:
While wearing the Full Body Harness you will stand on the jump platform facing forward off the bridge. You will then dive forward just as if you were diving into a swimming pool.

photo of man doing backward plunge bungee jump off the bridge to nowhere bungee jump in Southern CaliforniaBackward Plunge:
While wearing the Full Body Harness you will stand on the jump platform facing your friends on the bridge. You will then crouch down on the platform as if you were hanging onto the wall of a swimming pool and preparing to launch backwards into the water.

Advanced Jumps

photo of woman on the bridge to nowhere doing a backward lumberjack bungee jumpBackward Lumber Jack:
While wearing the Full Body Harness you will stand like a soldier on the jump platform facing your friends on the bridge. Keeping your feet on the jump platform and your body stiff as an oak tree, you will pendulum backward off the jump platform like a falling oak tree.

photo of man and instructor beginning an elevator drop bungee jump from the bridge to nowhere in Asuza CaliforniaElevator Drop:
While wearing the Full Body Harness you will stand like a soldier on the jump platform facing your friends on the bridge. You will then hop backwards while looking at your Jump Master. You will drop feet first toward the river and rocks below. This may well be the scariest thing you will ever experience!

photo of woman and two instructors doing a forward lumber jack bungee jump on a bungee jump adventure in southern californiaForward Lumber Jack:
Similar to the Backward Lumber Jack except you will be facing forward.




small crowd standing on the bridge to nowhere watching man doing an ankle dive bungee jumpAnkle Dive:
This is the classic bungee jump seen on television. You will wear an independent ankle harness on each ankle. There is also a separate safety connection to the waist harness. The bungee cords will be attached to your harness at your feet. This is similar to the Superman Front Dive except you will be facing directly at the river and rocks below as you plummet. Ultimately you will be hanging upside down from your feet. Yee Ha!

Ankle jumpers must be over 18 years of age.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates must be purchased over the phone from a Bungee America representative.

We will process your credit card over the phone and provide you with a password that will allow you to download and print your Gift Certificate immediately. Call us now at (310) 322-8892 to order your gift certificate!

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You can request a password that will allow you to download the gift certificate using the form below.

Please click the following button to redeem your gift certificate