Safety Record

  • Oldest Bungee Company – Bungee America is the oldest bungee jumping company in the United States with thousands of satisfied customers. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Ron Jones, the safety of each jumper is our primary concern.
  • Perfect Safety Record – Bungee America’s priority will always be Safety First!! Before each jump, our qualified staff checks and rechecks all equipment. We are very proud of our Perfect Safety Record.
  • Redundancy in all our systems – Redundancy in equipment and redundancy in procedures is the foundation of Bungee America’s safety philosophy.

Every bungee jumper is protected by two or more pieces of equipment. Bungee cords consist of hundreds of continuous length rubber strands encased in a nylon sheath.

Each cord will hold 1500 lbs. Each jumper is secured by multiple cords.

Our bungee cords are approximately ten times stronger than the forces they experience.

All equipment for bungee jumping is rated at over 4,000 pounds.

Each jumper wears two independent harnesses. A seat harness supports the waist, thighs and buttocks while a chest harness supports the chest, back and shoulders.

Ankle harness jumps are also available. Two independent ankle harnesses securely attach both ankles. The ankle harness is also attached to the waist harness. Therefore ankle jumps actually include three separate harnesses.

Every jumper is attached to their bungee system by highly trained and qualified staff. One qualified staff member inspects all connection points. A second qualified staff will then double check all connection points again. At no time does a jumper rely upon a single individual or a single piece of bungee equipment.

Jim Carrey trusts us! – When Hollywood needs the most experienced bungee stunt coordinator in the world, Ron Jones is the man tinsel town relies upon to keep their superstar celebrities safe while flying through the air on a rubber band.
Whether it be reality television with aspiring actors or feature films with legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey, one glance at our Hollywood Stunt Credits will confirm Bungee America’s credibility as the best in the business.


Brad and Mykel were awesome! Very friendly, helpful, made us feel safe. Thanks guys. ~Jeremy Auslander

You helped me feel safe and excited at every jump! Thanks! ~Sean Young