False News Report of Bungee Fail

A false news report is being circulated through several levels of media (television and on-line) which incorrectly reports a “bungee jumper fall, hoist rescue” by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, December 17, 2018.

The Sheriff’s Department initially reported this as a “bungee jumper fall, hoist rescue, Bridge to Nowhere” on their Twitter and Instagram social media sites. This information is misleading as this was not a bungee accident. To be clear, this accident did not involve bungee jumping, bungee cord or anything to do with Bungee America.

The correct information follows: On December 17, two men, unknown and unrelated to Bungee America trespassed upon the Bridge to Nowhere for the purpose of illegal rope swings.

One of the individuals involved was injured when the rope they were hanging from broke. The individual fell to the bottom of the canyon and was airlifted to the hospital by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s air rescue. The Sheriff’s department reported the victim had non-life threatening injuries. We are now trying diligently to see that the accurate information is disseminated.

Bungee America is the only Government licensed bungee jumping company in the state of California.The Bridge to Nowhere and the 50 acres that surround it are private property and are owned by Bungee America. Anyone unknown and unrelated to Bungee America, doing any activity involving stepping over the railing at the Bridge to Nowhere, is in violation of trespassing and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Ron Jones
Founder and President
Bungee America

  • Tristan Powers

    Are, or will there be any safeguards installed on the bridge to help reduce a similar type
    of accident from happening again? Who is the legal property owner of the land in which the bridge is located?

    • Tristan Powers

      Forgive me, I now see the statement regarding 50 acres. How exactly is this laid out? In a radius from the center of the bridge?