VIP Deal November 2015


For a?LIMITED TIME, Bungee America presents our?FIRST EVER VIP Exclusive Discount:

  • $74 for 1 Jump ($25 OFF!)?use promo code?VIP1525
  • $99 for 2 Jumps (Get TWO for the price of ONE!)?use promo code?VIP1550

Want the savings? Here are your options:


If you’re ready to book a specific date, just make your reservation at? use the codes?VIP1525?(1 jump) or?VIP1550?(2 jumps) at checkout.


You?re looking to nab our FIRST EVER VIP deal, but you don?t have your calendar handy and you don?t want to wait. Well, here’s where?we tell you how to purchase the full value of the package for any date before April 1, 2016.

Step 1: This is the super-secret agent part.

In a minute, you will be choosing December 25th as a placeholder day, but it DOES NOT MEAN you are jumping on this day. It just lets our system know to reserve your spot for the VIP DEAL.

Go to Book Now! and book your trip on our Super Secret Date, December 25, 2015. (That?s right, the gift of bungee: a true Merry Christmas to all.) Again, WE WILL NOT BE JUMPING ON THIS DAY. It just lets us know that you are VIP crew that is going to get a VIP Deal voucher!!

Step 2: ?This is the eeny-meeny-miny-moe part.

Choose the 1 Jump ($99.00), put in your Credit Card and be sure to enter VIP1525 (for 1 jump) in the promo code field. This will make it so your Credit Card will only be charged $75 at checkout.


Choose the 2 Jump ($149.00), put in your Credit Card and be sure to enter VIP1550 (for 2 jumps) in the promo code field. This will make it so your Credit Card will only be charged $99 at checkout.

Step 3: This is the early-Christmas present part.

Within 72 hours you?ll receive an email from Chris at Bungee America containing your voucher code, good for either the one jump package or the two jump package that you chose.

When you?re ready to book your actual date — not Christmas day ;-) — email with your voucher code or give us a call at (310) 322-8892. We will be happy to schedule you for any Saturday or Sunday before April 1, 2016. No need to get your credit card back out! Just mark your calendar and get ready for adventure.

Happy jumping!

-Emma, Your Bungee America Brand Ambassador


Hey! If you enjoy legal mumbo-jumbo, or understand there are things you really need to know:

Per person, jumps cannot be shared. Full-day guided tour (5 miles each way) to the bungee bridge is included. Super-Secret Jump package must be redeemed before April 1, 2016. Open Saturday and Sundays. Reservation is required, subject to availability. Under 18 requires parental consent. 90lbs min. weight. No maximum weight, but over 265 lbs requires additional $30 fee. Waiver required. Tax included. Must read this fun stuff on the website to know what you are getting into.

Offer may be revoked or modified at any time without notice; offer subject to availability; other restrictions may apply. All sales are final – no refunds or exchanges. The amount that you paid for the VIP Deal is the ?Base Value?. The VIP Deal may be redeemed for the promotional offer value prior to the Promotional Value Expiration Date of April 1, 2016.?